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In September, 2019 I began writing a novel. One thousand words per day, six days per week. By Thanksgiving the […]


My process for buying a new product is, from an outsider’s perspective, rather slow and uncertain. I often spend months […]


I believe inside all of us exists a desire to create. Most of the time we’re merely consumers, passively or […]

Life with two kids

Amidst all the chaos of life, it’s important to remember that kids really do grow up incredibly fast. My son […]

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Default third-party apps for iOS

Bloomberg today shared a report that Apple may be considering opening up third party apps as the default options on […]

Sharing your story

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I shared some brief thoughts on buying a GORUCK GR2 previously. Having just taking a week long trip with it, […]

On Writing

Writing for me has become a creative outflow to process my thoughts. Sometimes it means taking the time to write […]

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TL;DR: My top recommendation for a sketching and drawing app is Linea Sketch. You can stop right now and download […]

On writing online

With the recent news about Automattic acquiring Tumblr, it’s got me thinking again on where and how I like sharing […]

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